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Chronicle Journal of Clinical Case Reports

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Chronicle Publishers is an open access journals which concentrates on all the cases of medical disciplines. The journals mainly focus on the disease conditions of all the patients and provide a very brief case reviews. Chronicle Publishers also support the Academicians, Researches and the scientists to submit their research works in the journal. We provide a very vast Peer review process and publish only the manuscripts which are eligible for the publication in the scientific community.
The scope of the journal provides information on all the outstanding research articles, letters and reviews in all aspects of clinical case, knowledge in advanced general medicine in treating a patient.
The Journal cordially invites different types of articles such as Case Reports, Letters to Editors Clinical Images, and Case Series etc.


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We would also like to make clear that we have no funding sources so we are charging minimum Publication charge as Article Processing Charge..


Chronicle Publishers is an open access publication in which the accepted manuscripts are seen online and it is free of cost to the users to view the manuscript online there is no subscription fee. The visitor can view, copy, download and print the manuscripts after it is published online.

There is no financial or technical issues who view the manuscripts online it is totally free of cost.



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Dr. Amit Kumar

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Western Sydney University, Australia
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cr1Eventration of Diaphragm - Rare Cause of Pain Abdomen

Mohanty Bijaya1*, Mehta Sameer2, Prasad S K3

Eventration of the diaphragm is an abnormal elevation of the dome of the diaphragm. It is a condition in which all or part of the diaphragm is largly composed of fibrous tissue with only a few or no interspersed muscle fibres. Congenital diaphragmatic eventrationwith stomach herniation in an adult patient associated with pain abdomen is a relatively uncommon condition. We are reporting a case of 65 year old female who presented to us with complains of pain abdomen for two weeks.

cr2Treatment of Rhythm-Conduction Disorders in Myocardial Infarction and Sleep Apnea by CPAP Ventilation

Vesselin Karabinov1*, Rubin Stoianov1, Dobromira Zaharieva1

Illustrating a 49 years old man, who was hospitalized for extensive myocardial infarction, with risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. PCI was conducted and a stent was implanted. Given that extreme bradycardia was registered during the sleep at night and obstructive sleep apnea was suspected, it was subsequently discussed placing a pacemaker as well as an ECG-Holter and respiratory polygraphy was conducted.

cr3An Accessory Extensor Muscle to the Thumb – A Rare Variation in the Hand

Alexandar Iliev1, Georgi P. Georgiev2*, Georgi Kotov1, Boycho Landzhov1

Anatomical variations of the EPL are very rare. Herein, we describe the presence of an accessory extensor muscle to the left thumb observed during a routine anatomical dissection of a 63-year-old male cadaver from the autopsy material available at the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at the Medical University of Sofia. The muscle originated with a short tendon from the dorsal surface of the lower third of the ulna.


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